The big systems transformations required to avoid the worst climate change scenarios, as laid out in the IPCC (2018) report, mean many aspects of our lives and relationships will change. Many activists, scholars, and advocates of change suggest this requires us as individuals, and communities big and small, to understand and relate to the world around us in ways that are not currently reinforced by our institutions and social norms. Different ways of knowing the world, of understanding humans as part of ecological relationships, and of identifying value beyond money or individual preference constitutes a change in worldview for many people, because it means we must understand the world beyond a mere collection of observable individual things, to see the relationship between these things as fundamentally as meaning-creating as their individual qualities. In this session, we will explore why knowing the world differently is crucial to transformative change, and which parts of embodying other ways of knowing might be challenging, which parts will be joyful and fulfilling, and why we might be closer than we think to knowing who we might become.

Who are we in the future?

Fall 2021


Ivan Vargas Roncancio


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