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In Community

at a Distance

September 19, 2020

12 noon to 2pm

Bring a cozy sweater and picnic blanket and talk with us next to the beautiful river.

Boulter Road Park on Papineau Creek

Getting there:

  • If you are driving, head north/east on HWY 62 from Maple Leaf. Turn right on Boulter Rd and then quickly right onto Park Rd. 


This will be an opportunity to get together (with appropriate physical distancing) to:

- See each other! Bring a picnic!

- Discuss the July talk that Shaun recorded and we weren't able to discuss due to technical difficulties. This talk is about change and brings up very interesting questions. Shaun will likely provide an overview of this talk for folks who haven't viewed it.

- Talk about things that have come up in the 2020 Long Talks, how the topics relate to your life, unexpected connections you are making etc.

- Hear about more topics we have planned for 2021.

- Check in about the COVID-19 homework Shaun gave us in the April session and the challenges Krista gave us in the June session.

- ... and offer us feedback.

what was the homework again?

What is essential to well-being? (yours, your community, your home)

What are all the interactions you notice missing?

This event is cancelled due to illness and precaution

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