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notice: due to global pandemic, in-person sessions have been postponed. But we are going to try out online sessions! find out more about how to watch or participate in online sessions below...

January 23 + 24/done
February 28 + March 5/done
April 24/done
May 22/done
June 26/done
July 24/done
August 28/done
September 19, cancelled

On the internet while we manage the risks of covid-19, but in non-covid times, at the

Hastings Highlands Public Library

Maynooth, Ontario

Friday sessions from 12-2 pm

recorded and posted on the website for convenient viewing if you can't make this time.

Long talks in the woods.


We envision this as a set of diverse conversations through which we can explore topics of interest and relevance to us as individuals and community members. Right now, we are planning monthly talks, starting in January 2020 and running until December 2020 (so far!). For each in-person talk, we plan to do two sessions (an evening and midday talk) to accommodate the varied schedules that people have, and to allow for group discussions. We are hoping to have childminding available from February sessions onwards and will update when this is confirmed. However, for the time being, as we adapt to public health needs, we will be having our sessions on zoom, one session only, with recordings posted on the session page here on the website afterwards. We are looking into creating a forum for discussion on the website. Stay tuned.

Our upcoming session:

In Community at a Distance

This will be an opportunity to get together (with appropriate physical distancing) to:

- See each other! Bring a picnic!

- Discuss the July talk that Shaun recorded and we weren't able to discuss due to technical difficulties. This talk is about change and brings up very interesting questions. Shaun will likely provide an overview of this talk for folks who haven't viewed it.

- Talk about things that have come up in the 2020 Long Talks, how the topics relate to your life, unexpected connections you are making etc.

- Hear about more topics we have planned for 2021.

- Check in about the COVID-19 homework Shaun gave us in the April session and the challenges Krista gave us in the June session.

- ... and offer us feedback.


Thank you to everyone who came to the January and February sessions and participated in the beginning of Long Talks in the Woods! There were some really interesting discussions in each session and we are looking forward to the next one. If you have any feedback or an idea of a topic you'd like to hear about, or if you want to suggest someone in the community that would be a great speaker, please email at info@longtalks.ca or fill in the feedback form at the bottom of this page.


And Thank You to everyone who attended our first Zoom Long Talks session. And while it would have been wonderful to see everyone in person, it was a great online session. See you on the internet for more Long Talks until social distancing is no longer required of us.



an introduction to ecological economics

Speaker: Shaun Sellers

Dates: January 23 + 24, 2020

what do we mean by sustainability?

Speaker: Shaun Sellers

Dates: February  28 + March 5,  2020

a just transition to a right-sized economy

Speaker: Shaun Sellers

Dates: April 24, 2020   12pm- 2pm

bringing big ideas into a local economy

Speaker: James Magnus-Johnston

Dates: May 22, 2020

home is where we are

Speaker: Shaun Sellers

Dates: July 24, 2020

imagining anti-colonial futures

Speaker: Krista D'Amour Flute

Dates: June 26, 2020

capitalism, climate, democracy, and demands

Speaker: Jon Erickson

Dates: August 28, 2020

in community, at a distance

Community Discussion

Dates: September 19, 2020


who is Long Talks in the Woods?

Long Talks in the Woods emerged out of a conversation at a dinner party. Curious friends were asking about Shaun Sellers' PhD studies and many compelling topics and questions emerged. These topics felt relevant to our current times, intriguing, and revealing. Very quickly a pilot lecture was planned and Shaun shared a presentation that touched on the origins of capitalism. This pilot lecture generated a lot of excitement. Learning and talking about the history and context for our current times felt illuminating and empowering, and this led to envisioning a more organized and intentional series of conversations. Shaun worked with Barbara Lindenberg to plan and coordinate Long Talks in the Woods. We have found a home at our beloved Hastings Highlands Public Library and a partnership with Transition Town Maynooth. Our first four talks will feature Shaun as our speaker and will cover some of her areas of interest/expertise. Although most of us would be happy to hear Shaun talk until the cows come home, we know there are a lot of people in the community with stories to tell, and a diversity of conversations to be had. As the series goes on we have plans to invite speakers both local and from away and will be gathering feedback from the community regarding topics of interest. 

Shaun Sellers is a PhD student in the Leadership for the Ecozoic program (L4E) at McGill University. She has a MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Leeds, and a BA (Hons) in Business Management from Antioch University. Her research interests are in the foundational philosophies of institutions, the policy applications of social ecological perspectives, and the history of economic thought. (Learn more about Shaun here - click through to Session 1 info)

Barb Lindenberg is a dance artist, parent and administrator living in Maynooth. She holds an MFA from Simon Fraser University and a BFA from York University. She lends her administrative and communication skills to Long Talks in the Woods.


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